Venkatappa art gallery, Bangalore, India, May 2016

Project revolves around imagery of “Cocoon” which symbolizes a significance of change-metamorphosis in life and it is symbolically represented with the change of an artist to an artwork. In this work “Cocoon” is read with many layers, representing our escape in the safety, but once revealed from the “Cocoon” artist body gets new quality and layers, as well as the artist is changed.

Colombo Art Biennale, Sri Lanka, 2016

In this performance, inspired with idea of initial Cocoon performance, artist is using bricks artist making a structure around her, reflecting on the ideas of immuremet in traditional Serbian poetry (Building of Skadar city). She is building the walls around, that only once build, and artist disappears behind them, become alive for the public, that is taking care of the structure as if it was a living being and unconcislousy becoming part of the performance.