With this performance Katarina is questioning the value of the dreams in today fast growing money running society. “How easily we give up our goals and we get trapped in the industry just because of everyday necessity for money. And money is just a piece of paper, but people are ready to give up their dreams for it. I am ready to give up my dreams for it. Or am I? Are you ready to give up your dreams?”- Katarina asks.

Dream Box project started in 2015 during Theertha performance platform in Colombo, Sri Lanka and continued in Mixer Festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Dream Box is on going project and artist is planning performance in Bangalore as the part of the project.

Artist comments:

The best moment during the performance was when the lady with the child approached and once she saw me in the box she was very disturbed with that, on her reaction, her little daughter comment was: ” So what mom, you are also sitting whole day locked in the office.” So up to the point! I was really thrilled with this girl.

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Belgrade, Serbia 2015

Colombo, Sri Lanka 2015