Monsoon in a bottle, Project by ArtO2
Mumbai, India, September 2017

Katarina Rasic practice is defined with simplest gestures she repeats over hours. Her movements, as they keep recurring, become ceremonies that she will often ‘end’ by covering herself in natural or man-made material. It’s a protective layer, but many times, the coating itself is too frail to hold on or too sturdy that it may cause harm.

In Morphing fluids, Rasic brings her own experience of a disease associated with the monsoons. Rasic sets out on a procession following a specific trajectory throughout the day. She collects water she finds by the streets, at hawker stalls, the beach, mangrove forest, into medicine bottles and fasten them on to her body. Medicinal bottles, as a way, a metaphor to trap the viruses that breed inside these existing water containers.

Leandre D’Souza, ArtO2

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