Performance was done during residency program ACT II: Speak up! at Studio 365, Goa Velha. Performance venue: HH Art Space.

Rasic used found objects as metaphor for the place, space and time, creating non-verbal communication with viewers.

Collecting the objects from Goa, its land and soil, and connecting them with her tongue using a copper wire Katarina is creating a permanent tie with each object engraving its weight into her tissue. This act symbolizes raw connection with the environment of Goa. These objects were picked up from various places; markets, beaches, and residency spaces where Katarina stayed. Each object communicated on the individual level, no matter if it was a nail, flower, feather, leaf, chili or a shell. Towards the end of the performance Katarina removed one by one object and gave them to the people around, creating a non-verbal dialogue. As a reminiscence of the performance there was a nest like structure created around Rasic tongue. Nest like structure is related to safety of home, away from home, stability that common language can bring to our mind.

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