THE INSIDE STORY (Processes. Emotions. Food)

Encounters project by ArtO2 Mumbai, India, November 2017

What is the connection between the food we consume and the bodily functions they activate? Can biting, chewing, swallowing, spitting, trigger specific emotions? Do flavors and tastes stimulate memory? And can memory stir basic human desire to nurture? What happens to our perception of ourselves, our spaces and our relations with others when eating, feeding and nurturing become closely linked to our consciousness, perception and memory?

The Inside Story is a performance that examines the ritual of eating. Like Proust's dipping of the madelaine cake into the tea that stirred up involuntary recollections of childhood, the work engages people on tastings and reflections on the experiences recalled and generated through this process. The performance takes place around a table presented with fruits and other food items. Upon eating, people are invited to silently write the emotions that are triggered on a table cloth, an extension of the artist's gown.

Leandre D'Souza, ArtO2

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Hyderbad Literary Fest in collaboration with ArtPort Good Food

Curator Lina Vincent Hyderbad, India, January 2018