Katarina Rasic and Bhuvanesh Kumar, Bangalore 2014

Waves of breath was done during the project Art Adda (March till June 2014), part of Project 560 art intervention in broken spaces, supported by the Indian Foundation for Art. Therefore it is related to the Vinayalka Kalyana Mantapa (old marriage hall broken in half), a place which artists have chosen to develop our project. Project is done in collaboration with Jeetin Rangher and Bhuvanesh Kumar.

About the performance:

Structure of Vinayaka Kalyana Mantapa is very fragile now. Standing inside you can feel every shake spreading all over the space. In her performance Katarina was transmitting those shakes, like lasts breaths of a structure Into the waves on the water while pictures of past Mantap were projected on her. During that Bhuvanesh was transmitting those Breath around the space and out trying to help it breathe.

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